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Acoustic Nozzles

ANSUL Acoustic Nozzles, an Award-winning Acoustic Solution for Data Centre Protection.

Our commitment to premium fire protection systems continues with the addition of the ANSUL Acoustic Nozzle, which has recently been awarded the Data Centre Safety/Fire Suppression Innovation of the Year at the DCS Awards. The SAPPHIRE Acoustic Nozzle is specifically designed to be used as part of the SAPPHIRE PLUS 70 bar system using 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid. 

Data Centres and server rooms are continuously improving their efficiencies to store and process more data. Improvements in computing hardware have led to an increase in Hard Disk Drive (HDD) sensitivity to sound. Inert gas fire suppression systems, normally used to protect this type of equipment, can produce sound levels that may have adverse effects on noise sensitive equipment. The ANSUL® Acoustic Nozzle, designed for inert gas fire suppression systems, decreases the acoustic footprint during a discharge. The Nozzle directs agent into the hazard area and reduces the sound level compared with standard nozzles. Flow calculations are used to specify the nozzle orifice size for the correct quantity and distribution of agent.

Learn more about data centre acoustic sensitivity – download a White Paper.