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Is your client’s Annual Fan Integrity Testing due?

The major cause of failure of gas fire suppression systems – such as Inergen®, SAPPHIRE™, IG-541, IG-55 or FM200 is inadequate room sealing. Torvac Solutions’ Annual Fan Integrity Test guarantees your customer’s fire protection strategy and provides peace of mind.

Researchers have found that rooms get leakier with time, usually due to changes in construction, cabling or services. Therefore, it is important to ensure that good room integrity is established and maintained, particularly bearing in mind the potential consequences of system failure. Gas suppression systems are a logical fire suppression solution for rooms containing IT or electronic equipment, however if the room leaks the fire suppression agent will escape before the fire is effectively controlled. That is why Australian Standard AS1851-2005 “Maintenance of fire protection systems and equipment” requires an Enclosure Integrity Test each year. The benefits of this are widely recognised by insurers and regulatory authorities, who frequently require testing.

Fan Integrity Testing
An example of Fan Integrity Testing

What is a door fan test?

The door fan itself measures the enclosure leakage area and the pressures that may exist across it. The computer software in conjunction with the DG-700 hand held digital pressure I-flow gauge does the rest of the simulation and comes up with the prediction. The Retrotec CA2001 software walks the user through all the steps in a controlled way to ensure each step is done in accordance with the applicable NFPA or AS ISO 15420 standards.

Fan Integrity Testing

Annual Fan Integrity Test

Torvac technicians are trained and accredited operators of Retrotec Room Integrity Testing equipment. Our commitment to using state-of-the art testing equipment ensures you will receive the most accurate information available for your Annual Fan Room Integrity Test. Our testing procedure will grant you the confidence to know that your customer’s system is capable of responding to a fire emergency. Testing of your gaseous protected rooms can be arranged conveniently to minimise any disruption to your business.