Connected Fire Container Monitoring

ANSUL Connected Fire Container Monitoring device works by collecting data from each container at set time intervals, and is capable of connecting to a mobile device, enabling real time data to be shared via an online dashboard. This data is sent wirelessly to the cloud and analysed to regulate the pressure based on the temperature and provide information that allows instant intervention to be taken. This allows scheduled maintenance on the system before it reaches an alarm condition where the change in pressure could affect the functionality of the system.

Data from containers is visible via ANSUL Connected Fire Container Monitoring mobile application
Data from containers is visible via ANSUL Connected Fire Container Monitoring mobile application.

An electronic gauge is installed on each container and measures the pressure and temperature for that container. The readings are communicated via an encrypted LoRa communication protocol to the gateway. The allowable frequency range of the communication changes based on regional requirements, therefore a specific gateway must be used depending on the final installed location. The gateway collects the data and transmits it to the cloud via cellular network, SIM card, and is visible to authorized users on the dashboard or mobile application. Authorized users have a subscription based license with a username and password to access their system information. Authorized users can be installers and service contractors as well as end-users. End-users are granted a license through their service contractor.

Connected Fire Container Monitoring – Application

The Connected Fire Container Monitoring System is installed on various clean agent fire suppression systems. It is particularly useful in remote location installations, smart buildings where critical processes are monitored 24/7, and applications where down-time of fire suppression systems could cause business down-time. 

Key Features

• For use with Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems 

• Remote monitoring of container pressure and temperature 

• Container data viewable by service contractor and end-user anywhere with access to internet or cellular network

• Early warning of low pressure in container 

• Configurable microleak detection analysis and notification 

• Communication protocol to the cloud via cellular network or local network 

• Up to 2 year battery life operation with intelligent low battery operation, preventing connection interruption 

• Dashboard provides document storage for system design documentation along with system installation photos

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