Vigilant Fire Panels

Vigilant Fire Panels – MX4428, MX1, F4000, F3200 are one of the most trusted fire protection systems available.
VIGILANT has been at the forefront of innovation, ensuring sustainable, high quality fire detection and evacuation control products continue to meet the needs of the Fire Protection Industry. Torvac is an authorised distributor and installer of Vigilant Fire and Evacuation Systems and can comfortably maintain, program and service the range of systems.

Vigilant Panels
Vigilant Fire Panels.

Torvac technicians have extensive years of experience with fire panels and provides support for F4000, F3200, MX4428 or MX1 fire systems. Our specialists are available to answer your questions and ensure your piece of mind, knowing that your fire system operates hassle-free.

In-Built Intelligence

There is a Vigilant Fire Panel for virtually every application. Simple to use, cost-effective, and a range of advanced features usually found on more complex systems. Vigilant Fire Panels can support analogue addressable detectors, such as the 814PH (Smoke & Heat) and 814CH (CO & Heat) fire detectors. Each of these detectors incorporates multiple sensors which may operate independently, or used in heat enhancement mode for faster response to a flaming fire, allowing optimum detection with the best nuisance alarm suppression.

Installation and programming VIGILANT Fire Panels

As authorised distributors of Vigilant products, Torvac Solutions technicians have undertaken product specific training to service, install, and program Vigilant Fire Panels and detection, ensuring only qualified personnel modify these important life safety systems.

Let Torvac Solutions conduct an audit of your system. Our trained technicians will give you a comprehensive report and answer any question you may have.

Contact Torvac for further information about:

• Functionality testing & Audits

• Programming changes

• Networking of fire panels

• Upgrades of older F4000 systems to the new MX4428 version

• Installation of Network LED display units

• Fan and Smoke control modifications.