ANSUL Foam Concentrates

The ANSUL® foam concentrate product line is formulated and independently tested to meet a wide range of firefighting challenges, including special hazards in the municipal, industrial, marine, aviation, mining, petrochemical, and transportation industries. The ANSUL® product line includes Class A wetting agents, AFFF, AR-AFFF, fluoroprotein, high-expansion, vapour suppression and training foam concentrates.

ANSUL foams combat a range of fire fighting hazards.

ANSULITE Aqueous Film-Forming Foam (AFFF)

(AFFF) concentrates combine fluoro- and hydrocarbon surfactant technologies to produce high performance firefighting foams for use on Class B hydrocarbon fuels such as oil, petroleum, petrol, benzene, diesel, and aviation fuels.

ANSULITE Alcohol Resistant Aqueous Film-Forming Foam (AR-AFFF)

(AR-AFFF) concentrates combine AFFF surfactant technology with a polymeric membrane for use on both Class B polar solvent fuels – such as alcohols and ketones -as well as hydrocarbon fuel fires.

ANSUL® Fluoroprotein (FP) and Fluoroprotein Alcohol Resistant (FPAR)

ANSUL® Fluoroprotein (FP) and Fluoroprotein Alcohol Resistant (FPAR) concentrates are produced from naturally-occurring hydrolysed proteins with fluorochemical additives to deliver a robust, aspirated foam blanket with high heat stability and good burn back resistance. FP concentrates are applicable for fire and vapour suppression on Class B hydrocarbon fuel fires, and FPAR foam may be used on both hydrocarbon and polar solvent fires.

Additional ANSUL® non-fluorinated offerings for firefighting emergency response and training include:

High-Expansion Foam Systems

ANSUL® JET-X High-Expansion (Hi-Ex) concentrates produce flexible firefighting foams for suppression of indoor and outdoor Class A, Class B, and LNG fires. With expansion ratios from 50:1 to 1000:1, our JET-X concentrates can quickly form substantial volumes of foam for large-capacity applications. Hi-Ex foams contain minimal water while quickly flooding over-sized rooms and enclosures, providing effective suppression of horizontal and vertical (three-dimensional) fires while minimizing water damage.

JET-X concentrates are non-fluorinated formulations optimized for performance when paired with JET-X high-expansion foam generators:

JET-X high-expansion foam systems are used for fire and vapour suppression in large enclosures containing high value property such as aircraft hangars, distribution warehouses, marine/engine pump rooms, and tunnels. They may also be used in open space applications such as flammable liquid storage areas and LNG facilities.

ANSUL Proportioning Equipment 

ANSUL proportioning equipment combines economical and low maintenance options with the superior protection of multiple and remote hazard areas. Proper foam proportioning ensures optimum performance from foam liquid concentrate by introducing the foam concentrate into a flowing stream of water to produce a foam solution. The balanced pressure that exists between the foam concentrate and the flowing water is achieved through the use of a bladder tank, pump skid, or in-line proportioner.

Be prepared to act fast during those critical first two minutes of a fire, when responding quickly can mean saving lives and property. Portable equipment, like the ANSUL Mobil cart, enables firefighters to take advantage of the benefits of foam at the front-line using eductors, trailers, handline nozzles, mobile carts, generators and other portable proportioning/discharge equipment.

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