SAPPHIRE Novec 1230

The SAPPHIRE Novec 1230 gas Suppression uses 3M Novec 1230 fire protection fluid for total flooding applications. The clear, colourless agent has zero ozone depletion potential, an atmospheric lifetime of just five days, and a global warming potential of 1.0. The SAPPHIRE system suppresses a fire before it can be fully engaged, and once the fire is suppressed, Novec 1230 quickly evaporates without harming any valuable assets.

ANSUL SAPPHIRE Novec 1230 Fire Gas Suppression System for protecting data centres
SAPPHIRE Novec 1230 is state-of-the-art protection for data centres

Clean Agent System

The fluid can be used in total flooding fire suppression applications such as:

Sapphire Gas Suppression systems are ideally suited to suppress fires in areas that house electronic equipment that can not be shut down in an emergency and in areas that demand a non-toxic agent. Novec 1230 is environmentally friendly and not harmful to humans.

SAPPHIRE Novec 1230 State-of-the-Art Detection and Control

Even before a fire reaches the flame stage, SAPPHIRE systems can detect and suppress it. This state-of-the-art detection and control system combines exclusive AUTOPULSE microprocessor control panels with highly sensitive smoke, heat and flame detectors. When fire is detected, AUTOPULSE control panels will sound alarms, close doors,
shut down equipment and release the fire suppression system. The system provides automatic detection, day and night, in conjunction with manual pull stations.

Case Study

State Library of Texas

US National Treasure – Start Library of Texas, protected by ANSUL SAPPHIRE System and Novec 1230.

“The Sapphire system is our insurance policy…. The numerous items contained in the library are irreplaceable, many one-of-a-kind, and vital to the education of future generations.

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