Fire Safety Doors

Torvac Solutions will evaluate the positioning, composition and accessibility of Fire Safety Doors for your building and business. As one of the most important components of passive fire protection, Fire Safety Doors can help prevent, slow or compartmentalise the spread of fire.

Fire Safety Door Sign – Fire (Safety) Door. Do not obstruct. Do not keep open.
Ensure your fire door installations comply with Australian Standards.

The process of installing fire doors must be in compliance with the current national standards and requirements set out by the Building Code of Australia and the relevant Australian Standards (AS 1905.1 and AS1530.4).

Torvac Solutions are fully licensed and qualified to carry out the installation of Fire Safety Doors. Our certification and expertise will guarantee that the fire doors installed in fire walls will preserve the fire rating of that same wall. All doors, door frames and hardware are tested and installed in accordance with the construction and installation requirements.

We will choose which rated fire door best meets your needs and works most effectively with the layout of your building, considering door placement, connection to fire detection systems and installation along with fire-resistant walls and ceilings. Torvac will ensure your fire door installations comply with Australian Standard 1905.1.

Fire Safety Doors are rated by their resistance levels

The rating numbers refer to the following:

With that in mind, a rating of -/60/30 indicates the door will withstand flames for 60 minutes and remain cool for 30 before heating up. The dash (-) indicating structural adequacy means that the door is non load bearing, however the fire door provides integrity and insulation protection.

The Building Code of Australia and local council legislation requires that Fire Safety Doors be inspected and tested at the following intervals:

Please contact Torvac for further information about:

• Fire rated frames and doors installations

• Fire door Inspection and testing

• All fire door replacements

• Fire door and smoke seals

• Fire door regulation signage.