Fire Detection

Where there is smoke, there will be fire. Fire Detection Systems can identify the early warning signs of fire, even before flames themselves are present. Torvac’s fire detection systems are critical in being able to stamp out a potentially damaging fire before it takes hold.

Fire Detection – TYCO P131 Smoke Detector
TYCO P131 Smoke Detector

At Torvac we design, install and maintain our Fire Detection technologies to work in sync with your procedures for fire suppression activation and equipment shutdown. Our smoke, thermal and flame detection systems, including the AlgoRex by Siemens, each utilise technologies such as ionisation, ultraviolet, infrared and linear heat detection to rapidly identify any fire-related threat to your business or building.

AlgoRex® – foolproof early fire detection

Celebrated back in 1994 as a world first, it soon conquered the globe. Foolproof early fire detection filled everyone with awe and soon proved itself in practice. Today, millions of users depend on AlgoRex completely. Present AlgoRex installations are readily retrofitted with new algorithms when they are put to a different use.

Another innovation is TeleRex®, the wireless fire detection system. As reliable as hardwired fire detectors, it is the perfect answer for museums and buildings of historic significance.

Application areas

Benefits at a glance

Case Study

Torvac install a Fire Detection System to protect the animals at the RSPCA…

Torvac have had a long association with the RSPCA and have been managing the fire protection systems since 2011. Animal welfare is at the heart of our core values, and it is our privilege to continue providing fire protection to this vital facility that provides care, shelter and veterinary treatment to abandoned, injured, neglected and sick animals.  

The new RSPCA Sydney Shelter (Yagoona) is the largest animal shelter in the Southern Hemisphere, caring for 900 dogs and 200 cats. The Sydney shelter is also home to a variety of other animals including birds, rabbits, mice, sheep, cattle, goats, horses, pigs, guinea pigs, chickens and ducks.

Early detection also plays a significant role in protecting the safety of emergency response personnel. Property loss can be reduced and downtime for the operation minimised through early detection because control efforts are started while the fire is still small.

Torvac have been trusted by the RSPCA to manage the maintenance and modifications of their fire services. In recent years, Torvac have been engaged in the design and installation of an Addressable Automatic Fire Detection and Occupant Warning System for the new vital additions at the Yagoona shelter, to make sure their staff and the animals have early detection and warning in the event of fire. Over the past six years Torvac have worked closely with the RSPCA in expanding their fire system including the latest Stage 1 development of the Yagoona shelter. The Yagoona shelter is fitted with a brand new veterinary hospital and is an extremely busy environment, which made programming the installation works a critical item in the successful delivery of the project.

Initially partnering with Kane construction in the delivery of stage 1, with the addition of the new veterinary hospital, surgery and offices. Torvac later partnered with Lahey constructions in the delivery of stage 2 with the addition of the new car park, kennels and cattery. Continuing our association with Lahey constructions, Torvac Solutions delivered the fire protection systems for the new education, administration and training centre.

It is a privilege and an honour to be entrusted by the RSPCA as their preferred fire services provider and deliver a world-class animal welfare facility with state-of-the-art fire protection systems.