What is Fire Protection

Torvac Solutions can design, install and maintain a comprehensive line of fire and life safety systems for your business. Torvac provides both Passive (PFP) and Active Fire Protection(AFP). Passive Fire Protection focuses on improving your buildings’ structure and ability to withstand smoke and fire. This is achieved by installing Fire Dampers, Smoke Curtains, Fire Seals, Fire Rated Walls, floors and more. The key objective is to form compartments that stop the spread of fire. Active Fire Protection involves manual and automatic detection and suppression of fire with Fire Sprinkler Systems and Fire Alarm Systems.

Fire Brigade battle a hazardous industrial fire

Torvac Solutions technicians have extensive training-both formal and on-the-job.  With experience gained through years performing work in all types of commercial facilities. Our project managers and technicians are highly knowledgeable in fire safety systems and have a complete understanding of the codes and standards that control the maintenance of these systems.  Our clients benefit from the deep collective knowledge of our project managers who have worked on many Top-tier projects such as: St George and Sutherland Hospitals, The Australian Museum, The Phoenix Central Park Art Space, OPTUS Data Centres as well as shopping centres, high-rise buildings, manufacturing plants, hotels, vessels, laboratories, and schools. Torvac’s extensive fire protection expertise and experience will ensure you have the best system for your individual needs.

Our Services

Our diverse list of systems and fire protection services are many. Here are just some of the ways in which Torvac Solutions can help you protect your business against fire: