The ANSUL® SAPPHIRE COMPACT Direct Low Pressure (DLP) Fixed Fire Suppression System has been specifically designed to protect small electrical enclosures.  A self-contained system, it requires no power for either detection or operation and protects enclosures that use either natural ventilation or forced airflow.  One system can protect up to four enclosures, and each enclosure can contain multiple compartments.

Specifically designed for small electrical enclosures.

The system is designed in accordance with Loss Prevention Standard, LPS 1666: Requirements and test procedures for the LPCB approval of direct low pressure (DLP) application fixed fire suppression systems.  Pressurized detection tubing is routed throughout the high-risk areas of the enclosure and will rupture due to flame impingement or high ambient temperature.  The fire suppressing clean agent is then discharged from the connected container through the tubing rupture point onto the fire.

SAPPHIRE COMPACT systems utilize 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid, an electrically non-conductive clean agent. If discharged, the agent will not damage electronic equipment or the data stored on it and has zero ozone depleting potential and negligible global warming potential.

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