Lithium-ION Risk Prevention System

ANSUL Lithium-Ion Risk Prevention System is designed to monitor lithium-ion batteries used in the energy storage market.  Early warning detection of off-gases/toxic vapours indicates when there is a malfunction within the battery cell, allowing action to be taken to help prevent thermal runway from occurring.  Thermal runaway can cause the failure of a single cell to propagate, creating a domino effect into adjacent cells, resulting in a catastrophic event.

ANSUL Lithium-Ion Risk Prevention System is designed to monitor lithium-ion batteries used in the solar energy storage market.
ANSUL Lithium-Ion Risk Prevention System is well suited to energy storage where Lithium-ion batteries are used.

The ANSUL Lithium-Ion Risk Prevention System – when combined with AUTOPULSE fire detection panels, ANSUL® INERGEN® Fire Suppression Systems or SAPPHIRE® Suppression Systems – identifies lithium-ion batteries that have off-gassed and provides the ability to help suppress fires by proactively activating alarms and releasing the fire suppression system.


The system with a connected releasing panel and suppression system is particularly useful for early detection and suppression of fires in hazards where lithium-ion batteries are in use. Typical applications include lithium-ion energy storage systems, lithium-ion battery test chambers and lithium-ion battery assembly rooms.

Key Features of the Lithium-Ion Risk Prevention System

• Early warning of lithium-ion battery failures

• Response time of less than 5 seconds to lithium-ion gases

• Single cell failure detection without electrical or mechanical contact of cells 

• Compatible with all lithium-ion battery configurations and chemistries available today 

• Independent and redundant perspective on battery health

• Several communication protocols including digital outputs and serial communication 

• For use with AUTOPULSE Detection and INERGEN® or SAPPHIRE fire suppression systems

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