SAPPHIRE PLUS is a 70 bar system, which helps reduce the footprint, installation and service time by offering higher fill densities up to 1.4kg/L to reduce the number of containers. The increased pressure also permits the containers to be located much further from the protected space and increases the ability to introduce selector valves to protect multiple hazards from a single container bank. Additionally, pipe sizes may be reduced, increasing the economy and design flexibility. The system benefits from new software, designed to maximize the benefits of the SAPPHIRE PLUS system.

SAPPHIRE PLUS is ideal for medical and data facilities.

Conventional SAPPHIRE® systems use a storage pressure of 25 bar or 42 bar, which is suitable for many applications. The SAPPHIRE PLUS system uses a storage pressure of 70 bar to provide the designer with more flexibility when planning the layout of the system. The higher pressure means the containers can be placed further from the hazard area (if required), the use of smaller pipe diameters, and the use of selector valves to protect multiple areas using one bank of containers.

The storage pressure of the SAPPHIRE PLUS system is determined by the quantity of nitrogen added to the container during the filling process to reach a state of super pressurization. The greater the quantity of nitrogen added to the container results in a higher storage pressure capable of driving the agent further, leading to greater flexibility during the planning and layout of the system.

SAPPHIRE Applications

Application Sheet

Archives and Museums

Archive Rooms and Museums contain irreplaceable records, artefacts and other high value assets requiring clean agent fire suppression.

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