ANSUL SAPPHIRE PLUS is a 70 bar system, which helps reduce the footprint, installation and service time by offering higher fill densities up to 1.4kg/L to reduce the number of containers. The increased pressure also permits the containers to be located much further from the protected space and increases the ability to introduce selector valves to protect multiple hazards from a single container bank. Additionally, pipe sizes may be reduced, increasing the economy and design flexibility. The system benefits from new software, designed to maximize the benefits of the ANSUL SAPPHIRE PLUS system.

ANSUL SAPPHIRE PLUS is ideal for medical facilities
SAPPHIRE PLUS is ideal for medical and data facilities.

Conventional SAPPHIRE® systems use a storage pressure of 25 bar or 42 bar, which is suitable for many applications. The ANSUL SAPPHIRE PLUS system uses a storage pressure of 70 bar to provide the designer with more flexibility when planning the layout of the system. The higher pressure means the containers can be placed further from the hazard area (if required), the use of smaller pipe diameters, and the use of selector valves to protect multiple areas using one bank of containers.

The storage pressure of the ANSUL SAPPHIRE PLUS system is determined by the quantity of nitrogen added to the container during the filling process to reach a state of super pressurization. The greater the quantity of nitrogen added to the container results in a higher storage pressure capable of driving the agent further, leading to greater flexibility during the planning and layout of the system.


Case Study

Torvac Solutions install ANSUL SAPPHIRE PLUS to critical infrastructure portable switch rooms internationally…

Integrated portable switch rooms are becoming increasingly more prevalent in their use and application across a multitude of industries and applications. Housing critical switchgear, UPS or portable data centres from open cut mines, processing operations and infrastructure projects, they provide industry with flexible and cost-effective power and data solutions to remote locations.

The pre-engineered nature of these switch rooms fits perfectly with pre-engineered fire suppression systems such as SAPPHIRE PLUS. The rooms are factory built with all fire services, detection and suppression housed in the room, factory tested and ready for deployment worldwide. Torvac solutions have recently provided several Sapphire plus gaseous suppression systems coupled with Vigilant MX1 detection technology to local and international projects. Torvac solutions design team rose to the challenge and has shown a depth and capacity to not only cater for the Australian market but for international applications as well.

SAPPHIRE clean agent systems contain 3M™ Novec™ 1230 fire protection fluid, an effective fire suppressant designed for special hazard, high value applications. This environment friendly halo carbon liquid is a clear, colourless, low odour, liquid that is super-pressurized with nitrogen and stored in high-pressure containers. Although it is stored as a liquid, it will turn to gas upon discharge, making it an effective total flooding agent for control room fire hazards. As a clean agent, it leaves no residue behind and will not affect high value electronic equipment. 

Advanced ANSUL SAPPHIRE PLUS system technology enables engineers to reduce storage container footprint, complexity and size of the pipe network. Its innovative electric actuator contains a built-in placement indicator, eliminating the need for a secondary device. The technology also provides a storage pressure of 70 bar (1013 psi) enabling greater agent capacity in fewer containers. The increased storage pressure also facilitates extended pipe run capabilities.

ANSUL SAPPHIRE PLUS is the ideal flexible solution for portable switch rooms that need to be transported and deployed to local and international sites. 

Application Sheet

Fire Gas Suppression System is ideal for protecting the irreplaceable and precious archives of museums and galleries.

Archives and Museums

Archive Rooms and Museums contain irreplaceable records, artefacts and other high value assets requiring clean agent fire suppression.

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