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Gas Suppression Agent – INERGEN 150 and 200 Bar

INERGEN 150 and 200 Bar –  Gas Extinguishing Agent
ANSUL INERGEN 150 and 200 Bar – Gas Suppression Agent

As an ANSUL accredited INERGEN® 150 and 200 Bar  – Gas Suppression Agent distribution partner, Torvac Solutions is well qualified to support your existing and upcoming projects. Contact us for a quote for supply and design of your INERGEN® 150 and 200 Bar Fire Gas Suppression System.

You expect a top-performing product from a world leader in the Fire Detection and Fire Gas Suppression System market. ANSUL INERGEN® clean agent delivers. Reliable and field proven, INERGEN® systems safeguard lives and property to protect your business.

INERGEN gas suppression agent is well suited to suppressing fires in special hazards where an electrically non-conductive medium is essential, where clean-up of other agents presents a problem, or where the risk is a work space occupied by people and requires a non-toxic agent.

INERGEN works by lowering the oxygen content below the level that supports combustion. A successful discharge will reduce the oxygen content within a protected space from 20.9% to approximately 12.5% whilst increasing the carbon dioxide content from 0.03% to around 3.0%, allowing people to breathe more effectively.

INERGEN is a registered trademark of Johnson Controls.

INERGEN – Gas Extinguishing Agent is safe for your property

INERGEN® — equipment that keeps your business running, is a clean, non-conductive and natural fire suppression agent that won’t damage valuable assets. Therefore, many archival organisations use INERGEN® agent to protect irreplaceable items such as artwork, historic documents and antiquities.

Safe for you and your co-workers

INERGEN® agent is non-toxic and doesn’t produce corrosive decomposition products. When discharged, INERGEN® agent will not produce a fog, so escape routes remain visible. INERGEN® agent suppresses the fire, but doesn’t deplete the amount of oxygen people require, to remain safe and healthy. This is vital in cases where immediate evacuation may not be possible. In fact, people exposed to INERGEN® agent in extinguishing concentrations receive the same amount of oxygen to the brain as they do in an ordinary atmosphere.

INERGEN – Gas Extinguishing Agent is safe for the environment

INERGEN® agent is non-synthetic and composed of gases people breathe: nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide. Once discharged, it simply returns to the atmosphere in its natural state. INERGEN® agent poses no ozone depletion or global warming potential and is warranted to comply with future environmental standards.

Watch the simulation video for an overview of the INERGEN® gas suppression system