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Kitchen Fire Protection – ANSUL R-102 Servicing

Will your ANSUL R-102 Kitchen Fire Protection System perform in an emergency?

ANSUL products protect more commercial kitchens from fire than any other brand. Yearly servicing and maintenance of your ANSUL R-102 Kitchen Fire Protection system by accredited technicians are an integral part of the performance and longevity of your investment. Performed in accordance with Australian Standards requirements is your guarantee that your ANSUL kitchen fire suppression system will perform optimally when you need it most.

Do you know if your Kitchen Fire Protection System is compliant with your insurers requirements?

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Kitchen Fire Protection systems are exposed to extremely harsh conditions and require regular routine maintenance to keep them in fire ready condition. Australian Standard AS–3772 requires systems to be maintained to manufacturers guidelines. Kitchen suppression systems require routine maintenance at 6 monthly intervals. Ensure your system gets maintained by accredited technicians. Torvac Solutions provide competitively priced servicing for all brands of Kitchen Fire Protection systems. Keeping your core business at the forefront, we arrange servicing to minimise or eliminate kitchen downtime. Ensuring you are optimally covered.

Our Expertise

Torvac Solution are authorised to provide ANSUL R-102 Servicing for both kitchen fire suppression designs: Appliance-Specific and Overlapping. The appliance-specific design aims the nozzles at the specific hazard areas of each appliance. With the overlapping design, the nozzles are arranged to overlap and provide a “fire-free zone” throughout a group of appliances.


The R-102 system is designed to protect areas associated with ventilating equipment, including hoods, ducts, plenums, and filters. It also protects auxiliary grease extraction equipment and cooking equipment such as various types of fryers, griddles, range tops, broilers, char-broilers and woks. The system is ideally suited for commercial kitchens in fast food chains, retail food courts, diners, convenience stores, catering facilities, mobile food trucks, hotels and casinos, stadiums, schools, hospitals and more.

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